New & Used Shipping Containers

Commercial Solutions

If you are a business looking for more storage space, you need to check out our container solutions. These storage containers, in either the 20-foot or 40-foot models, provide a great way to get more space on your site, either for temporary projects or for more permanent business needs. We know that in many cases, you or your client only need a storage container until a project is complete. In those cases, we have a variety of rental options to make sure you have the storage you need when you need it. For a more permanent solution, such as creating more warehouse space or having a location to store products long-term, we offer extremely competitive purchase options to win your business. Also, we know customer service is a must for any business solution. We’re here to guarantee that our customer service is second-to-none. That phone number at the bottom of the page connects you to a real person who can make sure we are getting the job done right for you!

Construction Storage Containers

If you are a construction supervisor, we know safety and security for your equipment are absolutely at the top of your list (almost as much as getting the project complete). You don’t want stolen equipment   on your job site. That’s why we really believe these storage containers can help you solve some of your security concerns. Our containers are durable, not easily accessible and can be made as secure as you want them to be. If you are wondering how you might secure a storage container, Jason Markin, for the ICC Compliance Center, gives six different ways you can secure these containers on your job site. In any case, if your company is working on a construction project, you need to have one of these storage containers on your list.

The last section focused a lot on the construction industry, but if you are planning to remodel your business or home, these containers are such an easy, effective and secure way to store materials while you are working on the remodel. With a storage container, you can keep your materials on-site, rather than having to ship things off to a storage unit — or worse — leave items outside to possibly be stolen or exposed to the elements.

Residential Solutions

If you’ve made it here, we know you are weighing your options to decide if buying a storage container is the best bet for your needs. We want the opportunity to prove to you that our containers ARE the solution you are looking for. It’s just a simple fact that steel beats wood when you are considering an outdoor storage solution. While that wood shed is rotting away, leaking or letting in all the critters, the secure steel construction of a storage container is still giving you years of use. These containers are solid and safe.

40 Ft. Storage Containers

With the storage capacity of a full two-car garage, the 40-foot container option is a great one if you are looking for a temporary or permanent solution to get more space. These containers are constructed out of steel, and they are built to last. The heavy steel construction means you are getting a secure storage solution. That security is two fold. First, these containers are going to repel pests (like rodents) that just love sneaking into other kinds of storage units. Second, these containers can provide a much more secure method to store valuable equipment, supplies and merchandise. (Check out the link above for options to secure your container.) If you need a more customized storage option, we are prepared to get you the solution that you need. Our competitive pricing coupled with our great inventory of new and used storage containers means we are ready to win your business. If you’re ready to get started, you can click here to order online or give us a call at 205-526-9009. CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE.

20 Ft. Storage Containers

If you are looking for a slightly smaller storage container solution, look no further than the 20-foot model to meet your needs. The 20-foot model has the same storage capacity as a one-car garage, but it only takes up the footprint of one parking space. You’ll notice throughout this site that we repeatedly use the word “solution” to describe our products. That’s because we really believe these containers could be the answer to your storage needs. And yes, we focus on the need for extra storage, but these containers can be a solution for you even if storage isn’t the problem. Let’s say you want an extra living space or a new office workspace. These containers — which again have a very low space footprint — can absolutely be modified to work for your specific business or personal needs. The possibilities are endless for what you can do with your storage container. CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE.

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