Shipping Container Sales, LLC prides itself on selling new and used shipping containers for years. We are committed to win your business by providing top-of-the-line customer service throughout the buying process. That customer service starts with our website, where you are able to view and purchase containers directly. It continues with our contact page, that includes our direct phone number and an online contact form to get in touch with us.

More than top-notch customer service, we know you are looking for the lowest cost and highest quality for shipping containers. We can guarantee our prices are competitive because we buy directly from shipping lines, cutting out the middleman — and the extra premium. We know we have the shipping container options you need, whether it’s for personal use or for your business.

Give us a chance to win your business. The buying process starts by choosing the type of container that best meets your needs.

The 40-foot shipping container is an absolute must if you are looking to upgrade your storage capacity from a simple shed or mobile trailer. To give you perspective on storage, the 40-foot container has the same capacity as a two-car garage. It also provides a significant security upgrade for your business or personal use.  According to Home Advisor, the typical cost of building a high-end shed can run upwards of $6,000. The cost of one of our 40-ft units is less than half of that! These containers are a great, low-price solution to your larger storage needs. CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE.

If you are looking for a smaller storage option, the 20-foot shipping container could be the solution for you. These containers provide a security upgrade and “stackability” that you aren’t going to get with a shed or a trailer. These containers fit into those tight spots on your property or business, and provide a cost-effective way to store almost anything. CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE.